Lenox Square
Lenox Square

Lenox Square

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Perfect for practicing your Surfing Skills outside the water!

The kit comes with the wood balance board and the roller.

'Balance boards' are around 50cm long x 25cm wide boards made from australian wood, to be placed on top of the black roller. 

The goal is to step on it, putting your feet on each side of the board and maintain your balance. Boards extremes should not touch the floor challenging your coordination and concentration. It is a good practice for your mental and physical balance. 


  • Stability
  • Muscle strengthening, mainly in the core area.
  • Physical and mental coordination
  • Posture and flexibility
  • Injury prevention

Wood Balance Boards details:

  • Shape and tale: square
  • Design: Triangles
  • Color: Pink

It comes with a roller.

Safety Guidelines to read: https://www.maksha.com.au/pages/balance-boards-safety-warning-notice

Waiver to read: https://www.maksha.com.au/pages/balance-boards-waiver

Note: Balance Boards are handmade so each product might vary from the pictures.